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Valuable, Memorable, Naturally FIRESC

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Creators of unrepeatable moments

Since 1994, every second passes fruitfully. FIRESC makes an impression.

We are aware of the artistic power of each piece of jewelry

Our success is due to the fact that we have a very high quality standard imposed on ourselves. We have continually searched, carefully researched, and found a source of inspiration in you, our customers. We have listened to the stories of the people being turned into timeless couples by love and respect.

Those wearing a FIRESC jewelry know that loneliness becomes a nonsense.


An engagement ring is non-narratable

A diamond jewelry is not costly. A diamond jewelry is worthy.

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Engagement rings

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Wedding Rings

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Your defining jewelry are FIRESC creations

The morning coffee. A flavor you remember all day.

The relish of an instant and the feeling that every moment is yours entirely.

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    The latest information about our jewelry

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