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As light droplests, the FIRESC rings are beaming

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Soulful jewelry and rings carrying you to their world

Choose the path of Excellence

Having become one of the most prominent diamond jewelry designers in Romania, FIRESC is today a dream come true.

Our success is based on stunningly artistic creations and very high quality standards. With an inspired design, the FIRESC jewelery carries further the tradition of the Romanian jewelers who have enchanted generations.

We listen carefully to the stories of the people transformed into timeless couples by love and respect. Because, beyond time, FIRESC is alchemically engraving, onto every piece of jewelry, the essence of the moment.

Making a stand throughout the generations

It is a promise that anyone wearing a FIRESC jewelry will never be alone, feelings and memories related to it standing as a guarantee.

You have time to amend

From the moment the engagement ring has become yours, you have 30 days availabe to change the ring size, completely free of charge.

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Custom design

Any idea, any model that you’ve noticed.
The designer, on the one hand, the jewelers masters, on the other hand,
and the jewelery you dreamed of, is all yours.
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Find out everything about rings and jewelry created in Romania

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    The latest information about our jewelry

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